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I presented  to the Teenage Heroes Panel at Heroes of the Mobile Screen organised by MoMoLo and hosted by Julia Shalet.  Although there was an official MoMo video of the event, it doesn’t seem to have been made available yet and a few people have asked how it went. Here’s an iPhone capture of our pitch:

Sorry the sound is lousy but it’s better than nothing.

Overall HoTMS was a great event but this panel was a huge hi-light. For my money this one session was more insightful than the whole of the rest of the day. The insight from the teenagers was great and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t what people were expecting. The teenagers delivered one sentence answers to questions industry luminaries had droned on about all morning (do teenagers have a different attitude to privacy? Here’s a clue: ask them, they’re up next!).

Matt Millar has written up his thoughts on his blog. The Symbian Blog also has a write up of the Teenage Heroes panel although they forgot to mention the results or draw any conclusions…

The results you say? Glad you asked. Flook was the only app all of the teenagers liked and said they would use. our nearest competition was psonar which two of the six liked.


Not so much of a sneak now but we like our video and thought you might too.