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We’re pleased to announce that Explore Maritime London has added all their sites to flook. Here’s what they said about it:

Discover London’s Maritime Heritage with Flook

Londoners and visitors to the capital will be able to enjoy free walking tours with Flook cards providing insights into some well known ships and some little known locations along the Thames. A partnership of London’s six historic vessels is launching Explore Maritime London – a walking guide to London’s maritime heritage at the Thames Festival in September.

‘There’s something magical about walking along the Thames and always something new to discover which makes it a perfect day out for Flookers. We really hope people will enjoy discovering its secrets with Flook – and hopefully share their own discoveries.’ Says Jessica Beverly, Curator at the Cutty Sark.
Explore Maritime London has been developed by London SHIPS (Ships of Historic Interest Partnership) which aims to provide a dedicated information service to visitors to the capital who want to find out more about the nautical attractions offered on the River Thames. The group includes HMS Belfast, Cutty Sark, Golden Hinde, Massey Shaw, SS Robin and HQS Wellington and brings together over four centuries of our nation’s great maritime history.

Explore Maritime London will be launching at the Thames Festival on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September. Free walking tours will be available to download and include key sites such as Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site and the historic vessels based in London, as well as several locations off the regular tourist trail such as London’s only lighthouse and the home to the marine police, the oldest police force in the world.

If you’d like to explore maritime London with Flook follow LondonSHIPS on flook for the latest updates find us on Facebook or Twitter  @LondonSHIPS.

Here’s what we say about it: Yowser! Pirates! Ships! Skull and Crossbones!

Tristan has already wet his pirate outfit in excitement.


Harumph. Flook has been vandalised. Luckily, it’s been done in a very nice way. The succinctly named RJ over at Vandalog has shared a lot of art cards with you. As he says in his Twitter profile:

Vandalog is a kick-ass street art blog.

We could not agree more. His flook cards are kick-ass street art flooks.

As you came into London this morning (if you came into London this morning) following the long bank holiday you might have noticed something strange…

Elephants! Hundreds of ’em! All colourful like! Sitting there like the whole city had taken a few too many Dumbo tablets. So what in the devil are they and how can the clever flookbots help you? Well it just so happens that some of the flookers out there are incredibly well linked in to the pachydermatous* art world. cpchannel has been out and about cataloguing a good portion of the elephants. He didn’t even take a gun although he did have a very natty elephant tracking hat and goggles.

Our favourites so far? Storm Thorgerson’s Elephant cum aquarium sponsored by Audi.

…and the Dazzlephant – just because it might actually be made out of solid gold.

Incase you don’t know yet, the elephants are put there by the London Elephant Parade. The elephants will brighten the city for a few months and then you’ll be able to buy your own to keep on your desk or prop open any doors you have that need a lot of propping. If you desk and doors are of more regular proportions, you get get a replica elephant from the pop up shop.

We love the Elephant Parade and we love that Chris is recording it on flook. Cangratulations to Alexandra Bennet and all the team at the Elephant Parade.

* no, it really is a word.

Eagle eyed flooker JayCam spotted this today

It’s on the internet so it must be true right?

Garden-gnome-bot has been feeling a bit blue. After all, it’s winter, he’s not been out for a while, and his crop of brussel sprouts was rather poor this year. Then, what did we do but rub salt in his wounds by banging on about sparkly new rockets and secret underground places.

But then, this morning, something cheered poor garden-gnome-bot immensely. Kisandie has been wandering around London flooking all its secret gardens. This is Christ Church Greyfriars Garden – according to Kisandie, the church was built in the 14C, but destroyed during the war. The ruins are now a public garden.

This is a secret that garden-gnome-bot is very pleased to know about. Postman’s Park is full of touching little memorials to people who made heroic acts of self-sacrific. As garden-gnome-bot does every time he bites his tongue when we get excited about rockets.

No, the MacBook Air is still up for grabs, go go go!

This was a simpler competition that Jane instigated on twitter when she’s had a few too many sherries in the run up to Christmas. Her tweet read (something like): I’ll give a flook shirt to the first person who posts a picture of a deep fried turkey . Obviously she was slurring more when she was typing though.

Off like a man possessed was romark with this fine flook.

Here he is a few weeks later (we only stood him pony express shipping) with his cool new shirt.

Doesn't he look lovely.

Incase you’d like to look a little more like romark – and lets face it, who wouldn’t – you can get your own shirt without having to risk burning your face off with superheated cooking oil at our shiny cafe press store.

Even though we’re only a week into the competition proper we’re super excited about the quality of the entries we’ve had so far. So excited that we couldn’t keep them to ourselves! Don’t panic if you’ve not entered yet though – with three weeks to go the competition is still wide open. Oh, and if we’ve not showcased your cards, don’t panic – that doesn’t mean you’re not in the running either. We might be planning another post like this one 🙂

First up is solomonsmindfield who is making some excellent cards in and around London. One of our particular favourites is the card below, because it highlights a real local secret and because it’s from someone in the know – solomonsmindfield is a Bengali chef herself. There are millions of cafes and Indian restaurants in London but this is a real secret – a Bengali cafe recommended by a Bengali chef.

Next up is alaska based in… Alaska. Alaska’s cards are stunning not just because her location is so wonderful to discover, but also because she takes such care with her cards, which are  always beautiful little gems with wonderful photos.

Finally, a great flook from cyberfish1uk. cyberfish1uk gained (lawful!) access to the famous Blue Peter gardens and (of course) flooked it! This might confuse our foreign users – basically if you grew up in the UK and had a TV, you almost certainly watched Blue Peter. We’re just waiting for one of our American flookers to tell us where Sesame Street actually is.

One of the great things… one of the many great things about flook is finding people who know stuff you don’t. Or have been to places you haven’t and can give you the inside line on the real local secrets.

Who would have known there was an irish bar on Cuba. Even beter, who would have known there was an irish bar in Guantanamo Bay!  The short answer is that flooker discoverespondelight did and bless him he flooked that puppy.

So, next time you are held in a US offshore prison suspected of terrorism, you’ll be able to whip out your iPhone and swipe through to a great pint of Guinness.