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On the way up we took a detour into darkest Leeds for Jane to buy a curious recorder/clarinet hybrid from Hobgoblin Music

It’s called a Clariphone and Jane is yet to master it’s finer points – like making any sort of noise at all.

We ate Vietnamese sandwiches for lunch (this is Leeds after all) in the largest covered market in all of Europe.

We were last in Leeds mumble years ago and it’s changed beyond recognition. Actually fairly nice now.


Sorry, we seem to have lost our blogging mojo. Or were we counting all our flook cards? Because we just counted all the flook cards in London, and we ran out of fingers. That’s pretty amazing because we have 4,999 fingers. Yes, there are now over five thousand flook reviews of all the coolest spots in London, which is really something. Really something because these aren’t just check ins, something you can do with your left hand while your right hand is composing an opera and your brain is wondering how many hours it is until lunch. No, flook cards really ask something of our users – first finding a really cool place to share, then taking a great photo (some of our users have been known to edit their photos with cool apps like TiltShift and Plastic Camera), and adding a few pithy words.
Guys, we really appreciate the great content you’re making and this seems like a great time to thank you for it. And what better way than to showcase some of your best flooks. Over to you…

Well, it’s been a while coming, but now if you logon to you will see you can make and edit cards online. That’s right, the web-monkeys have been busy and now it’s all yours to play with so you can make flooks even when you’re standing (or sitting) still. If you have really clever hands and one of those tiny PCs you could even do it on the move but we suggest the iPhone app for that.

There are a couple of nifty new features in there as well, we’ve done our best to make finding places as creamy smooth as possible, and you can also embed a webpage, or anything else on the interweb, right into the card back (it shows up under the details tab). This is super useful for showing, say, a restaurants menu that will update whenever they change it. You could also add stuff like booking forms or even build your own geo game if you too have the power of JavaScript. Whatever, go crazy and let us know what you think.

You’ll notice that if you post an event, you get a date picker to tell flook when it starts and ends, this is all part of our mission to help people find great things to do, so if you see an event that might be interesting to flookers, make an event card, up your score and make someone’s night. ‘Cos thats how things work in flookville. You post great stuff, people find it, I eat pizza…

Next up on the menu… We launched our card search page too.

Type an address and if you like, something specific you’re hunting for. Hit search and see all the flooks in that area. You can use the advanced search options to see flooks by specific people or category, you can limit your search to one geographical area, to cards you collected, by people you follow or made by people wearing false moustaches, even cards containing pictures of double rainbows and loads of other great stuff.

Finally, we made the monthly flook score page live to, worth checking frequently to see if you have a chance of winning that iPad.

Well, we have a new single card view live on

Now you can see who collected your card, the card details (if there are any), better social sharing,  that multi-line comment box is back due to popular request, amongst many other things.

There’s some more good stuff coming up very soon too… cough web card creator, cough cough..

Anyway, enjoy and happy flooking!

That in rural Minnesota people make little sheds for their kids to shelter from the snow, while they wait for the bus?

Or that there is a stone in Eyam that the villages used to put coins soaked in vinegar, to pay for supplies from the nearest village during the great plague?

Just sayin… flook did 🙂

We’re pleased to announce we finally got around to sorting out our RSS feeds amongst some other stuff, so now when you go to your cardstream on, you will see a little RSS button on your address bar:

Now all feeds on flook are GeoRSS encoded, this means as well as getting an RSS feed containing the flooks you want, you can also put them straight into GeoRSS supported places, like say, google maps:

Cool huh? Try it yourself:

1) Copy the URL for your RSS feed, its in the format of:

Obviously put your username in there, so for me its just “tristan”…

2) Go to and shove in your feed URL.

3) Do a headstand.

Oh yeah, and we finished the new homepage as well so you can see what other people in flookville have been up to, let us know what you think.

Your humbly,

The flooksters.

So, the nuns have proved so popular we decided to run a conventual competition. “Wowzers” I hear you say. Double Wowzers even. Still, enough of the saying “wowzers” and on to the competion.

Alongside the two for one tickets to Sister Act, we’ve also secured a two pairs of two for none (ie. free) Sister Act tickets*. All you have to do to get these tickets is tweet about your love of flook, Sister Act and Blue Tomato using this well known phase or saying:

2 for 1 Sister Act tickets with flook & Blue Tomato RT this message for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the show!

When you’ve all finished tweeting that – in about a week from…. now. We’ll gather all of those tweets together and feed them into Ernie to select two at random. The winners will then have the rest of June to get into London and go nun crazy.

* as usual, some conditions apply. They’re only good on weekdays excluding friday and (if there are any) not valid on school holidays. We’ll make the draw on the 31st May. Judges decisions final. Nuns not shown to scale and may not be actual real nuns. We don’t actually have access to ernie so we’ll use some other random number generator.

…I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Luckily, Mr Bono is a keen flook user and 1.5 has just gone to Apple. Here’s a screenshot. Can you spot the difference?

flook 1.5 comes with very expensive A-1 grade military spec pre-snurged capitulators and so startup is much faster.

Although they are good friends of flook, it is important to remember that the huge and magnificent and information packed British Library is not the only fish in the sea or even the only interesting thing in Kings Cross. There’s a festival going on right now of which, the British Library is but a cog – a minor part – a venue if you will.

Lucky for you, it’s all here on flook. Take a look at Reveal Kings Cross. Reveal’s vision is:

… to make King’s Cross into London’s most vibrant and creative community, a place for living, working amd engaging with the energy that makes London one of the world’s most exhilarating cities.

What better way to do that that flook. Genius eh? The events they have in their program are super flookworthy – how else are you going to get into the Midland Grand Hotel that now forms the facade of St Pancras Station.

You’re not, that’s how. Just like everyone else these days – this internet lark seems to be catching on – Reveal have their own ultra funksome website. Oh yeah, since you ask (you did ask didn’t you?) The British Library also have a map of the whole thing:

Recently flooker GxConnect flooked a good old british post box he had found. For you American flookers, thats what we Brits call a mailbox. It was a slightly odd post box, and the flook got spotted by Postal Heritage, (Royal Mail – yes they are on flook!). They confirmed the history, origin and of said post box. The world rested once again.

Flook – also good for finding out the history of a post box near you…