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Not only have English Heritage put all their lovely locations on flook, they’ve now added all their fantabulous summer events! Just go to your friendly “featured flookers” robot and you’ll find them in the top spot. Hit the button to see lots of lovely purple cards like these…

Wow, is all we can say. It makes ordering pizza difficult.


We’d like to announce something rather wonderful. We’ve struck a deal with English Heritage to get every single English Heritage property onto Flook. Sadly, there aren’t any old robots but they do know about a lot of nuclear bunkers which is almost as good.

In the future we hope to add more EH content including all the heritagetastic events they put on at their properties. Watch the skies!

Ooops, we’ve just become the victim of our own success.

As you probably know we’re partnering with Open House today. We naievely didn’t realise quite how much traffic the event could drive to flook. Downloads up 500%, traffic through the roof – we knew there were a lot of iPhones in London but this is amazing. It’s pushed us back into the top ten travel apps overnight.

Sadly, the server robots are getting a little hot under the collar keeping up with the huge spike. We’re working on it and adding unleaded four star back into their diet but in the meantime you might see some outages and for that we apologise.

When we launched flook, there was a little known feature – flook score. It’s a measure of how well you’re doing at flook. flook gives you points for doing cool stuff – generally making good cards. You don’t get points for making the cards, you get points when other people like those cards – when they collect them or better when they follow you.

Trouble was, flook score was an absolute all or nothing lifetime of the universe measure of flookness. That meant that people who’d been on flook for a long time got high scores and nobody else could get near them – except for TimeLords and they don’t use iPhones.

To even things up we’ve made flookscore monthly. Hallelujah! So, here we are:

and on the magic typing television:

On the phone, you get at it from the ever diligent score-bot on the lovely purple settings tab. On the web site score is displayed on the standard community page If you’re logged in it’ll show your score if you’re not, it’ll pester you to log in like a demented pestering thing.

Oh, as Big Steve would say; One more thing…

As I said many moons ago in front of several thousand people: “what do points mean? Points mean prizes!” to underline that fact, we’ve got a very real prize every month. Starting this month (actually yesterday) the top flooker at the end of the month will win an iPad. A real life transformational computing device from the mothership itself.

edit: I forgot to say that the competition is not open to AIC employees, AIC employees’ pets, AIC employees’ pets’ tennis partners, current contractors to AIC and @smiling-robot are not eligible to win the monthly prize.

Nice! The man who invented whatever Adam Curry invented likes flook:

In the words of the great Gordon Murray “Lastfm-bot is a robot, a musical robot, wound up and ready to play.”

Sadly, we don’t let him play, we send him out to work. Lastfm-bot’s job is to find gigs for you loyal flookers. He scurries off into the night, wearing his little robotic hipster sunglasses and drainpipe trousers and makes beautiful purple event cards. He seals each one with a little robotic kiss* and then puts them into flook for your sonic empleasurement.

* don’t ask.

As of the time of typing, flook is the third most downloaded travel app in the UK and the 71st most downloaded app overall.

Thanks to everyone who has shared a clickety click with us. Welcome to flook! In the imortal words of Ozzy Osbourne; “I am Iron Man” oh, no… “We love you all!”

If you didn’t spot it, we’re in the top 5 travel apps in all of 44 different countries! It was getting so that we were starting to wonder why Apple has featured us all over the globe *except* Britain, when we’re British (except Dave), we’re based in Britain (except Tris) and all our robots are British (except Harold).  So, we’re really pretty British then, but we’ve had no British love at all.

Until today! Yes, calloo callay, this sunny Friday we’re featured in the UK App Store in both iTunes and on the jolly old iPhone.  O frabjous day! I think I shall go and pop a bottle of British bubbly (no sniggering in Reims, please) and chortle in my joy. Why not join me in a toast to flook, and then make sure you get your mojo on this weekend and get flooking before all the best spots are taken!

Flook is shortlisted for another award. The Meffys (not to be confused with a cute rabbit*) are an annual award ceremony from the Mobile Entertainment Forum (or MEF – see what they did there?)

flook is nominated in the “Content Discovery & Personalisation category” which seems just about perfect.

As before, we’re chuffed that people would even shortlist us for an award and we’re far too British to have any real aspirations to win… it’d be nice though wouldn’t it. The Meffys are judged by a panel of the great and the good of the mobile industry so no voting requirements on our loyal flookers this time round.

* but wouldn’t it be cool if we’d been nominated for a Miffy

Gosh, this quite slipped my mind. Must have been all the excitement of the nuns. So, you should have in your AppStore right now a super spanky new update to flook – searchbot.

Here he is all happy, shiny and yellow.

The first thing you’ll notice about him is that he is very friendly indeed. The second thing is that he has three eyes – that’s two more that you if you are a cyclops. It also means he’s very good at looking for things.

Tapping on him lets you filter the cards you see nearby in oh-so-many-ways. You can filter by category, user or even just text. So you could for example search for all the cards Ronaldo has made about “Killer Robots destorying London”

Sadly there aren’t any but you get the idea. Try searching for hashtags like #LDNEP to see all of cpchannel’s elephant cards.

We’re really pleased with how this functionality works – you can get back to a card you saw earlier really easily and use it to tweet or post to facebook. You can filter the type of stuff you want to see nearby – say you’ve already eaten but want to find an event to go to. Or maybe, you saw one of Sam’s cards and want to see everything she’s done before you follow her.

Flook with added search™ is available on the app store – right this instant!