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When we first made flook, we realised that it was a great service but, if you were the first person to use it in your area it wasn’t as much fun as if you were in London or San Francisco with all of our beta testers.

That would be a problem is flook was just about what your friends know but, flook is a location browser so it can ask other people about cool stuff nearby. You might have seen the Twitter card already. Flook’s twitter-bot gathers Tweets from your immediate vicinity and presents them as comments on the back of a flook card.

If you use flook today* you’ll also see cards generated by another of a diligent robots from Upcoming:

We plan to add more and more of these dilligent little robots to flook over the coming months and send them out there in the cold dark internet brigning your cool stuff to do. If you have any favorites that you think we should add or you have some data of your own that you’d like to see in flook, drop us a line (info at or suggest it on our Uservoice page.

* actually yesterday