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Well, as we said earlier, we’re super chuffed to be the official iPhone partner for OpenHouse London 2010. We put all the Open house venues for the 2010 event live on flook today. You can find them on the website or even better, find them on the iPhone app.

Don’t forget, until the 15th, you can still win a chance to go up the BT Tower with flook.


When we launched flook, there was a little known feature – flook score. It’s a measure of how well you’re doing at flook. flook gives you points for doing cool stuff – generally making good cards. You don’t get points for making the cards, you get points when other people like those cards – when they collect them or better when they follow you.

Trouble was, flook score was an absolute all or nothing lifetime of the universe measure of flookness. That meant that people who’d been on flook for a long time got high scores and nobody else could get near them – except for TimeLords and they don’t use iPhones.

To even things up we’ve made flookscore monthly. Hallelujah! So, here we are:

and on the magic typing television:

On the phone, you get at it from the ever diligent score-bot on the lovely purple settings tab. On the web site score is displayed on the standard community page If you’re logged in it’ll show your score if you’re not, it’ll pester you to log in like a demented pestering thing.

Oh, as Big Steve would say; One more thing…

As I said many moons ago in front of several thousand people: “what do points mean? Points mean prizes!” to underline that fact, we’ve got a very real prize every month. Starting this month (actually yesterday) the top flooker at the end of the month will win an iPad. A real life transformational computing device from the mothership itself.

edit: I forgot to say that the competition is not open to AIC employees, AIC employees’ pets, AIC employees’ pets’ tennis partners, current contractors to AIC and @smiling-robot are not eligible to win the monthly prize.

Who said flook never did anything for you? Nobody said that because we do loads for you. We tame robots to bring you cool stuff, we give away software and we write stupid letters to people.

Still, that’s not enough. We wnted to go the extra kilomile and so we’re now offering two for one tickets to Sister Act right here in the West End of London. All you need to do is get flook, use the spanky new search functionality and find the ‘Sister Act’  flook card. It’ll tell you what to do from there. Or, you could just head over to our special web page which says the same thing with added pictures.

Here’s a picture of a nun to whet your appetite:

As we have lots of new flookers coming our way because the nice people at Apple made us their Staff Pick in the US yesterday, nag-bot has reminded me that I should say hi, and let you all know that you still have time to enter our flooktastic competition.


That was easy.

OK, what’s the competition all about? We’ve got a cool MacBook Air worth $1799 to give away, and we decided to give it to the flooker who made the most and best flook cards before the end of January. We’ve had some great entries, some of which Rog blogged about before. (Go and have a peek, I’ll be waiting when you get back…)

Well, we’ve had plenty more entries since then, but I don’t want to discriminate by showcasing someone so late in the game! All I want to say is that anyone can still win, if he or she is a really dedicated flooker. Come on, guys, it only take a minute or two to make a flook card, and even assuming you have a job to go to in the week, that still gives you chance to make 1,440 flook cards at the weekend. (I’m assuming sleeping and eating are optional, as they should be for such an addictive pursuit as flooking!)

Even if you don’t have time to enter (shame on you!) you can get yourself in the draw for an iPod nano by tweeting our competition.

When Big Ben rings midnight on January 31st, young Tristan our server guru will be collecting all your entries and  sending them around the team to be judged. We hope to have got all the judging done by mid February so that we can announce the winner at MacWorld – so stay tuned!

No, the MacBook Air is still up for grabs, go go go!

This was a simpler competition that Jane instigated on twitter when she’s had a few too many sherries in the run up to Christmas. Her tweet read (something like): I’ll give a flook shirt to the first person who posts a picture of a deep fried turkey . Obviously she was slurring more when she was typing though.

Off like a man possessed was romark with this fine flook.

Here he is a few weeks later (we only stood him pony express shipping) with his cool new shirt.

Doesn't he look lovely.

Incase you’d like to look a little more like romark – and lets face it, who wouldn’t – you can get your own shirt without having to risk burning your face off with superheated cooking oil at our shiny cafe press store.

Even though we’re only a week into the competition proper we’re super excited about the quality of the entries we’ve had so far. So excited that we couldn’t keep them to ourselves! Don’t panic if you’ve not entered yet though – with three weeks to go the competition is still wide open. Oh, and if we’ve not showcased your cards, don’t panic – that doesn’t mean you’re not in the running either. We might be planning another post like this one 🙂

First up is solomonsmindfield who is making some excellent cards in and around London. One of our particular favourites is the card below, because it highlights a real local secret and because it’s from someone in the know – solomonsmindfield is a Bengali chef herself. There are millions of cafes and Indian restaurants in London but this is a real secret – a Bengali cafe recommended by a Bengali chef.

Next up is alaska based in… Alaska. Alaska’s cards are stunning not just because her location is so wonderful to discover, but also because she takes such care with her cards, which are  always beautiful little gems with wonderful photos.

Finally, a great flook from cyberfish1uk. cyberfish1uk gained (lawful!) access to the famous Blue Peter gardens and (of course) flooked it! This might confuse our foreign users – basically if you grew up in the UK and had a TV, you almost certainly watched Blue Peter. We’re just waiting for one of our American flookers to tell us where Sesame Street actually is.

Before we started our MacBook Air giveaway, we had a little Christmas flook competition for some flook shwag. Everyone likes shwag. Anyway, without any more dithering, we couldn’t pick one winner because we (I) are (am) a bit dopey like that, so we picked three and sent them some goodies from the flook cafepress store.

So thank you Tinny, cSquall, and Jacksters. That aforementioned shawg is winging its way to you now.

You know after all those long cold nights we have spent writing code with our little monkey fingers, now that flook has launched it really is rewarding to see what the world looks like near you for Christmas. So to all of you – a big holiday thank you! – Looking forward to finding out more cool stuff near you.

ps. For you British users out there – ever wondered what the blue peter (wikipedia link for everyone else) garden looked like? Cyberfish1Uk flooked it!

To celebrate the festive season, we’re setting up the most amazing, flooktastic competition.

The first prize is a stunning $1799 worth of MacBook Air – 2.13GHz with 2GB memory and a 128GB solid-state drive. (The second prize is a week at Ambient Industries helping us fix defects. Only kidding.)

The winner of our competition will be the person who creates the greatest number of high quality cards between now and January 31st 2010. High quality, you ask? By that we mean such things as:

Have a look at more cards from our top users on our community page to get the idea. You could also read our blog posting on making great cards.

Judging will be performed by the flook team and a pet robot called Gerald.

That’s not all! We’d like to reward you if you get the word out about this competition. Just click this link to tweet about the competition and we’ll put you into a draw for an iPod nano!

It’s going to be a great Christmas!

Jingle bells, la la la … It’s December. Time of coding and gift giving. To celebrate the Santa season we thought we would have a little flook competition.

For those that don’t like reading here is the one six line summary.

Mail the most awesome Christmas themed flook to by December 22nd – You can do that from within the flook iPhone app (details below). We pick a winner – you get some free flook stuff. Probably not a flook jet or flook R2D2 in gold bling (we would if we had the cash) but it will be better than the sweater your mother knitted you when you were 12, and we made it with our own greasy paws. Well, sort of.

Here be some tips; it’s obviously a Christmas competition so Christmas themed flooks are a big win. However, if you happen to be able to flook the entrance to the biggest secret nuclear bunker under the local grocery store, or inside London’s Big Ben, you could (perhaps) make it a Christmas themed flook by putting a Santa in there, or maybe a reindeer. We will probably still count it as long as you were actually there.

So there you have it, may the strangest, least known, (but legal) secret flook win. Go get em.

Tip: To mail a flook directly from the iPhone app – find the card, tap once to bring up the HUD, and then hit the email button. For this to work you will need to have an email account setup on your iPhone. Or if you prefer you can tweet it and send the Short URL, or just the URL of the card on the web.