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Not only have English Heritage put all their lovely locations on flook, they’ve now added all their fantabulous summer events! Just go to your friendly “featured flookers” robot and you’ll find them in the top spot. Hit the button to see lots of lovely purple cards like these…

Wow, is all we can say. It makes ordering pizza difficult.


Well, as we said earlier, we’re super chuffed to be the official iPhone partner for OpenHouse London 2010. We put all the Open house venues for the 2010 event live on flook today. You can find them on the website or even better, find them on the iPhone app.

Don’t forget, until the 15th, you can still win a chance to go up the BT Tower with flook.

Gosh, colour us proud and excited at the same time. Open House London has selected flook as its official mobile phone app for this year’s festival. If you don’t know, Open House is an architectural charity. As they say themselves:

The initiative is a simple but powerful concept: hundreds of great buildings of all types and periods open up their doors to all, completely for FREE. It is a truly city-wide celebration of the buildings, places and neighbourhoods where we live, work and play, and is your opportunity to get out and get under the skin of London’s amazing architecture.

Which feels to me like a very very good fit for flook and exactly the sort of thing we designed the app for in the first place.

There are just a few cards live right now – some of the key sites that you have to pre-book for. How visiting Boris’s pad or getting inside one of the largest construction projects in Europe. This is your only chance.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding more of the Open house sites to flook and we have some extra special news about the BT Tower

If you live in London, you should pick up the foodtastic Blue Tomato magazine today. Not just because it has lots of offers and great restaurant reviews either. This month, they’ve got a feature on flook and just why it’s the best way to find something yummy where ever you are.

In the coming weeks, you’ll also start to see Blue Tomato cards appearing on flook.

Harumph. Flook has been vandalised. Luckily, it’s been done in a very nice way. The succinctly named RJ over at Vandalog has shared a lot of art cards with you. As he says in his Twitter profile:

Vandalog is a kick-ass street art blog.

We could not agree more. His flook cards are kick-ass street art flooks.

Here in the UK, it is election day. We have been presented with a choice of:

Unlike Elephants, robots aren’t allowed to vote or even express political views. If they were we’d vote for Mr Clegg because none of the parties have clearly defined policies on equality for robotos but at least Mr Clegg’s shorts are the same colour as flook’s “Near Me” tab.

The important thing though is that you vote. If you don’t know who to vote for, try VoteMatch. If you don’t know how to vote you should probably start here to practice.

As you came into London this morning (if you came into London this morning) following the long bank holiday you might have noticed something strange…

Elephants! Hundreds of ’em! All colourful like! Sitting there like the whole city had taken a few too many Dumbo tablets. So what in the devil are they and how can the clever flookbots help you? Well it just so happens that some of the flookers out there are incredibly well linked in to the pachydermatous* art world. cpchannel has been out and about cataloguing a good portion of the elephants. He didn’t even take a gun although he did have a very natty elephant tracking hat and goggles.

Our favourites so far? Storm Thorgerson’s Elephant cum aquarium sponsored by Audi.

…and the Dazzlephant – just because it might actually be made out of solid gold.

Incase you don’t know yet, the elephants are put there by the London Elephant Parade. The elephants will brighten the city for a few months and then you’ll be able to buy your own to keep on your desk or prop open any doors you have that need a lot of propping. If you desk and doors are of more regular proportions, you get get a replica elephant from the pop up shop.

We love the Elephant Parade and we love that Chris is recording it on flook. Cangratulations to Alexandra Bennet and all the team at the Elephant Parade.

* no, it really is a word.

Eagle eyed flooker JayCam spotted this today

It’s on the internet so it must be true right?

Garden-gnome-bot has been feeling a bit blue. After all, it’s winter, he’s not been out for a while, and his crop of brussel sprouts was rather poor this year. Then, what did we do but rub salt in his wounds by banging on about sparkly new rockets and secret underground places.

But then, this morning, something cheered poor garden-gnome-bot immensely. Kisandie has been wandering around London flooking all its secret gardens. This is Christ Church Greyfriars Garden – according to Kisandie, the church was built in the 14C, but destroyed during the war. The ruins are now a public garden.

This is a secret that garden-gnome-bot is very pleased to know about. Postman’s Park is full of touching little memorials to people who made heroic acts of self-sacrific. As garden-gnome-bot does every time he bites his tongue when we get excited about rockets.

Who doesn’t like shops? shop-bot certainly does. He hates chains though. He remembers the day when electricity was tuppence-ha’penny a pint, cogs always had a prime number of teeth and the word “gentleman” didn’t refer to the contents of someone’s trousers.

Despite the fact that he can be a bit of a reactionary, flook high command agree with shop-bot, that’s why we made flook. Flook is all about variety, details and secret stuff. Stuff like independent shops that are being replaced by multi-national me-too clones. We’re not alone either. Emily Webber has been quietly documenting them through London shop fronts.

We sent shop-bot out to see Emily and they got on very well. London shop fronts are now on flook. Using the same automacical… magic that we used to create the ghost signs cards.

Why not follow London Shop Fronts so you can visit these great shops before they disappear for good.