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If you didn’t spot it, we’re in the top 5 travel apps in all of 44 different countries! It was getting so that we were starting to wonder why Apple has featured us all over the globe *except* Britain, when we’re British (except Dave), we’re based in Britain (except Tris) and all our robots are British (except Harold).  So, we’re really pretty British then, but we’ve had no British love at all.

Until today! Yes, calloo callay, this sunny Friday we’re featured in the UK App Store in both iTunes and on the jolly old iPhone.  O frabjous day! I think I shall go and pop a bottle of British bubbly (no sniggering in Reims, please) and chortle in my joy. Why not join me in a toast to flook, and then make sure you get your mojo on this weekend and get flooking before all the best spots are taken!


As we have lots of new flookers coming our way because the nice people at Apple made us their Staff Pick in the US yesterday, nag-bot has reminded me that I should say hi, and let you all know that you still have time to enter our flooktastic competition.


That was easy.

OK, what’s the competition all about? We’ve got a cool MacBook Air worth $1799 to give away, and we decided to give it to the flooker who made the most and best flook cards before the end of January. We’ve had some great entries, some of which Rog blogged about before. (Go and have a peek, I’ll be waiting when you get back…)

Well, we’ve had plenty more entries since then, but I don’t want to discriminate by showcasing someone so late in the game! All I want to say is that anyone can still win, if he or she is a really dedicated flooker. Come on, guys, it only take a minute or two to make a flook card, and even assuming you have a job to go to in the week, that still gives you chance to make 1,440 flook cards at the weekend. (I’m assuming sleeping and eating are optional, as they should be for such an addictive pursuit as flooking!)

Even if you don’t have time to enter (shame on you!) you can get yourself in the draw for an iPod nano by tweeting our competition.

When Big Ben rings midnight on January 31st, young Tristan our server guru will be collecting all your entries and  sending them around the team to be judged. We hope to have got all the judging done by mid February so that we can announce the winner at MacWorld – so stay tuned!

Unlike Mr Geldof, flook robots love Mondays. Fresh oil and we run them on 240v rather than 110 all morning. Even better, today Apple blessed us as a staff favourite in the US store

Staff favourite

As always when flookbots gather, there is some serendipity here, Galactica is written by Robin Charlton and the music is made by Pete Chilvers – both friends of flook.