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Well, it’s been a while coming, but now if you logon to you will see you can make and edit cards online. That’s right, the web-monkeys have been busy and now it’s all yours to play with so you can make flooks even when you’re standing (or sitting) still. If you have really clever hands and one of those tiny PCs you could even do it on the move but we suggest the iPhone app for that.

There are a couple of nifty new features in there as well, we’ve done our best to make finding places as creamy smooth as possible, and you can also embed a webpage, or anything else on the interweb, right into the card back (it shows up under the details tab). This is super useful for showing, say, a restaurants menu that will update whenever they change it. You could also add stuff like booking forms or even build your own geo game if you too have the power of JavaScript. Whatever, go crazy and let us know what you think.

You’ll notice that if you post an event, you get a date picker to tell flook when it starts and ends, this is all part of our mission to help people find great things to do, so if you see an event that might be interesting to flookers, make an event card, up your score and make someone’s night. ‘Cos thats how things work in flookville. You post great stuff, people find it, I eat pizza…

Next up on the menu… We launched our card search page too.

Type an address and if you like, something specific you’re hunting for. Hit search and see all the flooks in that area. You can use the advanced search options to see flooks by specific people or category, you can limit your search to one geographical area, to cards you collected, by people you follow or made by people wearing false moustaches, even cards containing pictures of double rainbows and loads of other great stuff.

Finally, we made the monthly flook score page live to, worth checking frequently to see if you have a chance of winning that iPad.


Well, we have a new single card view live on

Now you can see who collected your card, the card details (if there are any), better social sharing,  that multi-line comment box is back due to popular request, amongst many other things.

There’s some more good stuff coming up very soon too… cough web card creator, cough cough..

Anyway, enjoy and happy flooking!

That in rural Minnesota people make little sheds for their kids to shelter from the snow, while they wait for the bus?

Or that there is a stone in Eyam that the villages used to put coins soaked in vinegar, to pay for supplies from the nearest village during the great plague?

Just sayin… flook did 🙂

We’re pleased to announce we finally got around to sorting out our RSS feeds amongst some other stuff, so now when you go to your cardstream on, you will see a little RSS button on your address bar:

Now all feeds on flook are GeoRSS encoded, this means as well as getting an RSS feed containing the flooks you want, you can also put them straight into GeoRSS supported places, like say, google maps:

Cool huh? Try it yourself:

1) Copy the URL for your RSS feed, its in the format of:

Obviously put your username in there, so for me its just “tristan”…

2) Go to and shove in your feed URL.

3) Do a headstand.

Oh yeah, and we finished the new homepage as well so you can see what other people in flookville have been up to, let us know what you think.

Your humbly,

The flooksters.

Recently flooker GxConnect flooked a good old british post box he had found. For you American flookers, thats what we Brits call a mailbox. It was a slightly odd post box, and the flook got spotted by Postal Heritage, (Royal Mail – yes they are on flook!). They confirmed the history, origin and of said post box. The world rested once again.

Flook – also good for finding out the history of a post box near you…

Being beardy at the SXSW award ceremony.

The kind folks at SXSWi nominated us for an award at the South by SouthWest festival this year, which came with some free SXSW tickets, so we plodded down to Austin (via minneapolis, oh those cheap flights…) to make friends with everyone.

It was my first time at SXSW and it was a fantastic event. If you work in technology and you want want to meet the people who are doing great things right now, be sure to head to SXSW next year.

We met a lot of interesting people at SXSW, flook got a surprise mention from Chris Pendleton, the Bing Maps Technical Evangelist and chair of the panel “Augmenting Maps with Reality” during his round-up as his favourite app, (thank you Chris!) – check out his flook stream here.

On award night we got pipped at the post by Austin based GoWalla, but as we were kindly given free beer and some strange animal shaped sponges as a consolation, so we disappeared off into the night with smiles on our faces to go flook some of Austins great night life (and possibly drop some stickers at the Gowalla party).

Big thanks to all who organised SXSW, see you next year.

We just wanted to let you all know that if one day you need the toilet, or loo as some of us call it, and became confused and bewildered as to where you might find, said toilet… Well now there is an app for that, and that application has a new user called PhantomPooper. In his own words:

We’ve had it happen to us. You’re miles from home and all of sudden you have to go, and not number one either. So I’d holding it is not an option don’t settle for a gas station or fast food place. Go to one of these semi-private deluxe poopers.

He even helpfully includes the pre-requisite door codes for private facilities:

When I was writing this blog post, one of my office companions pointed me to a Seinfeld episode – Apparently GPS led toiled procurement is a multi-million dollar industry.

Kramer: So what’s the big deal? You lost a couple of million.

George: It was more than a couple.

Seinfeld: It was more than a great idea. An iPhone application that leads you via your GPS to the nearest acceptable toilet wherever you are in the world.

George: The iToilet! And I thought of it.

Kramer: That was one killer app.

Seinfeld: Why did you have to give it all to that crook Madoff?

George (whining): I don’t know.

Everyone at flookville likes rockets. Its kind of a law here. Unfortunately none of us work with rockets, and we don’t get to see them much. Our very own Dave wrote bits of the softwares for some large radio telescopes back in Australia and the F-111 fighter jet, but thats about as close as we got. (Dave also nearly broke that telescope but you will have to ask him about that one – enquire about the feedback loop error next time you see him).

Anyway, during a busy day watching log files we saw some flooking action down in Cape Canaveral, to be precise this flooking action.

It turns out agirlcalledm works at Nasa – and very luckily for us she has been busy flooking all the nice shiny rocket bits. Nice one M. Check out her cardstream here.

Well its been a long time coming, but I have finally finished a big update for the flook website – which we have just made live.

Now you can follow other flookers directly from the site, see who your friends are following, collect cards and search for people you might know who are using flook. We hope you enjoy the update, and don’t forget to let us know if you see it doing something odd over at our uservoice forums.

Happy flooking!

Before we started our MacBook Air giveaway, we had a little Christmas flook competition for some flook shwag. Everyone likes shwag. Anyway, without any more dithering, we couldn’t pick one winner because we (I) are (am) a bit dopey like that, so we picked three and sent them some goodies from the flook cafepress store.

So thank you Tinny, cSquall, and Jacksters. That aforementioned shawg is winging its way to you now.

You know after all those long cold nights we have spent writing code with our little monkey fingers, now that flook has launched it really is rewarding to see what the world looks like near you for Christmas. So to all of you – a big holiday thank you! – Looking forward to finding out more cool stuff near you.

ps. For you British users out there – ever wondered what the blue peter (wikipedia link for everyone else) garden looked like? Cyberfish1Uk flooked it!