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Way back in time, rog blurted out that points mean prizes. Well the competition robot we lovingly call RustBot – has finally crunched the stats on the flook competition and has something to say to y’all. First off, he said to say he loved you all (no…really, he did) and that he was so pleased with all the people that entered the competition, we had some great flooks from some lovely humans and it got us started towards a flooking good new year.

Judging stuff is hard, and RustBot did what he knows best: sift through long lists of raw numbers and stats then draw a graph:

Fig. 1: RustBot statistical analysis

RustBot Statistical Analysis

As RustBot explained the purple spike indicated the winner, not just in terms of size and purpleness but because it had a hexagon shape at the top, which is something that is very important for winners to have. Unfortuantly RustBot forgot to labels his graph so we had to do it all again…

Analysis Round II

The competition ran from the 20th December to the 1st of February or 43 days in total. Thats a whole 43 moons, and 43 sunshines…

As you might remember we said the criteria for winning was “the most number of high-quality flooks” over this time period. Before we even got to looking at all the cards you flooked we realised that we were so pleased with the competition entries and there were so many points we had to make some extra prizes – just because we’re that type of guy. Guys. People. Ahem….

Anyway, that quality thing… We looked at that using our very own stats; the all seeing flook-score. We also cast some beady eyes over the cards themselves, and we might say they were all rather good… So that made it quite simple really, most cards equals winner. Nice!

The Numbers

  • One busy fingered flooker managed to produce a quite astounding one hundred and two flooks of demonstrably “high” quality and above. Thats a solid 2.37209302325…something flooks a day! Almost as many as our @jeremy when he sees a particularly representative art-deco building.
  • Next up is flooker number two – here we have a pretty solid fifty eight flooks – A remarkable 1.34883 and a bit flooks per day.
  • Our tertiary flooker produced a still respectable fifty three flooks – a sprightly 1.232 flooks a day or nearly 20 per fortnight.

Now good on those three. It was Christmas, flook had just been launched, there was food to eat and intoxicating liquids to consume, but they stuck with it. We salute you.

Enough, enough! Who won?

Lummie, you’re impatient aren’t you. Ok, so the happy winners are:

Number 3

Solomonsmindfield – you were number three.

Number 2

MjbDreamer – number two.

The Winner

Area17 – we’re flattered but don’t you have… you know, a job?

What you gettin’ ?

Well first prize: Area17, as promised is that a MacBook Air is going to be winging it’s way to you shortly…

As a runner up prizes, Mssrs Dreamer, and Mindfield – you’re getting a leg up with your flooking. We know that you have it in you to produce more flooks than area17 (or Jeremy) so we’re going to give you a nice day out with BuyAGift.  Don’t worry – the name is misleading, we BoughtAGift all you have to do is SitBackAndReceiveAGift. Watch the skies, we’ll be in touch.

One last thing.

@LeeMallabone – you won the random tweeting draw and you’re getting a nano. Miss_Bakewell, hamish, reyes – you came pretty darn close so we will be sending a flook bag ‘o crap to you. So that’s two last things. No, we don’t know what will be in the bag either.