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Well, it’s been a while coming, but now if you logon to you will see you can make and edit cards online. That’s right, the web-monkeys have been busy and now it’s all yours to play with so you can make flooks even when you’re standing (or sitting) still. If you have really clever hands and one of those tiny PCs you could even do it on the move but we suggest the iPhone app for that.

There are a couple of nifty new features in there as well, we’ve done our best to make finding places as creamy smooth as possible, and you can also embed a webpage, or anything else on the interweb, right into the card back (it shows up under the details tab). This is super useful for showing, say, a restaurants menu that will update whenever they change it. You could also add stuff like booking forms or even build your own geo game if you too have the power of JavaScript. Whatever, go crazy and let us know what you think.

You’ll notice that if you post an event, you get a date picker to tell flook when it starts and ends, this is all part of our mission to help people find great things to do, so if you see an event that might be interesting to flookers, make an event card, up your score and make someone’s night. ‘Cos thats how things work in flookville. You post great stuff, people find it, I eat pizza…

Next up on the menu… We launched our card search page too.

Type an address and if you like, something specific you’re hunting for. Hit search and see all the flooks in that area. You can use the advanced search options to see flooks by specific people or category, you can limit your search to one geographical area, to cards you collected, by people you follow or made by people wearing false moustaches, even cards containing pictures of double rainbows and loads of other great stuff.

Finally, we made the monthly flook score page live to, worth checking frequently to see if you have a chance of winning that iPad.


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