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When we launched flook, there was a little known feature – flook score. It’s a measure of how well you’re doing at flook. flook gives you points for doing cool stuff – generally making good cards. You don’t get points for making the cards, you get points when other people like those cards – when they collect them or better when they follow you.

Trouble was, flook score was an absolute all or nothing lifetime of the universe measure of flookness. That meant that people who’d been on flook for a long time got high scores and nobody else could get near them – except for TimeLords and they don’t use iPhones.

To even things up we’ve made flookscore monthly. Hallelujah! So, here we are:

and on the magic typing television:

On the phone, you get at it from the ever diligent score-bot on the lovely purple settings tab. On the web site score is displayed on the standard community page If you’re logged in it’ll show your score if you’re not, it’ll pester you to log in like a demented pestering thing.

Oh, as Big Steve would say; One more thing…

As I said many moons ago in front of several thousand people: “what do points mean? Points mean prizes!” to underline that fact, we’ve got a very real prize every month. Starting this month (actually yesterday) the top flooker at the end of the month will win an iPad. A real life transformational computing device from the mothership itself.

edit: I forgot to say that the competition is not open to AIC employees, AIC employees’ pets, AIC employees’ pets’ tennis partners, current contractors to AIC and @smiling-robot are not eligible to win the monthly prize.


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