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We’re pleased to announce that Explore Maritime London has added all their sites to flook. Here’s what they said about it:

Discover London’s Maritime Heritage with Flook

Londoners and visitors to the capital will be able to enjoy free walking tours with Flook cards providing insights into some well known ships and some little known locations along the Thames. A partnership of London’s six historic vessels is launching Explore Maritime London – a walking guide to London’s maritime heritage at the Thames Festival in September.

‘There’s something magical about walking along the Thames and always something new to discover which makes it a perfect day out for Flookers. We really hope people will enjoy discovering its secrets with Flook – and hopefully share their own discoveries.’ Says Jessica Beverly, Curator at the Cutty Sark.
Explore Maritime London has been developed by London SHIPS (Ships of Historic Interest Partnership) which aims to provide a dedicated information service to visitors to the capital who want to find out more about the nautical attractions offered on the River Thames. The group includes HMS Belfast, Cutty Sark, Golden Hinde, Massey Shaw, SS Robin and HQS Wellington and brings together over four centuries of our nation’s great maritime history.

Explore Maritime London will be launching at the Thames Festival on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September. Free walking tours will be available to download and include key sites such as Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site and the historic vessels based in London, as well as several locations off the regular tourist trail such as London’s only lighthouse and the home to the marine police, the oldest police force in the world.

If you’d like to explore maritime London with Flook follow LondonSHIPS on flook for the latest updates find us on Facebook or Twitter  @LondonSHIPS.

Here’s what we say about it: Yowser! Pirates! Ships! Skull and Crossbones!

Tristan has already wet his pirate outfit in excitement.


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