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We’re pleased to announce we finally got around to sorting out our RSS feeds amongst some other stuff, so now when you go to your cardstream on, you will see a little RSS button on your address bar:

Now all feeds on flook are GeoRSS encoded, this means as well as getting an RSS feed containing the flooks you want, you can also put them straight into GeoRSS supported places, like say, google maps:

Cool huh? Try it yourself:

1) Copy the URL for your RSS feed, its in the format of:

Obviously put your username in there, so for me its just “tristan”…

2) Go to and shove in your feed URL.

3) Do a headstand.

Oh yeah, and we finished the new homepage as well so you can see what other people in flookville have been up to, let us know what you think.

Your humbly,

The flooksters.



  1. Loving the changes. RSS is a brilliant addition. How far does the RSS go back as i have nearly 500 cards

  2. How about a link for the homepage? I know, I’m so lazy.

  3. Homepage with the stream of cards is really cool. Worth the effort of typing in the URL.

  4. I like this so much I joined the company.

  5. @Chris – currently 30, but I’m working on a map release that will allow you to see all of them in the near future.

  6. Thanks Tris, this will really show me my life on a map, great addition to the flook experience

  7. Brilliant Tris. Want a job with my company?

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