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Cor lummie, flook is getting popular in some very interesting places.

flook is the number one travel app in nine countries and in the top ten in thirty two! All of these countries are very cool indeed – and not only because they like flook.

When we were originally designing flook, one of the core ideas was a guidebook written by locals. As a bunch of serial ex-pats, we aren’t great fans of roughplanet style “send a student there for 3 months,make sure they see the big sights” guides. What we like is local knowledge – things you can only find out if you live in a place. The things you find out after you’ve lived somewhere for years.

That is why  we love Nextstop and why flook has translation built in – cards and comments both have a translate button to automagically switch all that foreign gobbledegook into whatever your favourite local gobbledegook is.


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