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Gosh, this quite slipped my mind. Must have been all the excitement of the nuns. So, you should have in your AppStore right now a super spanky new update to flook – searchbot.

Here he is all happy, shiny and yellow.

The first thing you’ll notice about him is that he is very friendly indeed. The second thing is that he has three eyes – that’s two more that you if you are a cyclops. It also means he’s very good at looking for things.

Tapping on him lets you filter the cards you see nearby in oh-so-many-ways. You can filter by category, user or even just text. So you could for example search for all the cards Ronaldo has made about “Killer Robots destorying London”

Sadly there aren’t any but you get the idea. Try searching for hashtags like #LDNEP to see all of cpchannel’s elephant cards.

We’re really pleased with how this functionality works – you can get back to a card you saw earlier really easily and use it to tweet or post to facebook. You can filter the type of stuff you want to see nearby – say you’ve already eaten but want to find an event to go to. Or maybe, you saw one of Sam’s cards and want to see everything she’s done before you follow her.

Flook with added search™ is available on the app store – right this instant!


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