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So, the nuns have proved so popular we decided to run a conventual competition. “Wowzers” I hear you say. Double Wowzers even. Still, enough of the saying “wowzers” and on to the competion.

Alongside the two for one tickets to Sister Act, we’ve also secured a two pairs of two for none (ie. free) Sister Act tickets*. All you have to do to get these tickets is tweet about your love of flook, Sister Act and Blue Tomato using this well known phase or saying:

2 for 1 Sister Act tickets with flook & Blue Tomato RT this message for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the show!

When you’ve all finished tweeting that – in about a week from…. now. We’ll gather all of those tweets together and feed them into Ernie to select two at random. The winners will then have the rest of June to get into London and go nun crazy.

* as usual, some conditions apply. They’re only good on weekdays excluding friday and (if there are any) not valid on school holidays. We’ll make the draw on the 31st May. Judges decisions final. Nuns not shown to scale and may not be actual real nuns. We don’t actually have access to ernie so we’ll use some other random number generator.


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