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As you came into London this morning (if you came into London this morning) following the long bank holiday you might have noticed something strange…

Elephants! Hundreds of ’em! All colourful like! Sitting there like the whole city had taken a few too many Dumbo tablets. So what in the devil are they and how can the clever flookbots help you? Well it just so happens that some of the flookers out there are incredibly well linked in to the pachydermatous* art world. cpchannel has been out and about cataloguing a good portion of the elephants. He didn’t even take a gun although he did have a very natty elephant tracking hat and goggles.

Our favourites so far? Storm Thorgerson’s Elephant cum aquarium sponsored by Audi.

…and the Dazzlephant – just because it might actually be made out of solid gold.

Incase you don’t know yet, the elephants are put there by the London Elephant Parade. The elephants will brighten the city for a few months and then you’ll be able to buy your own to keep on your desk or prop open any doors you have that need a lot of propping. If you desk and doors are of more regular proportions, you get get a replica elephant from the pop up shop.

We love the Elephant Parade and we love that Chris is recording it on flook. Cangratulations to Alexandra Bennet and all the team at the Elephant Parade.

* no, it really is a word.


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