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Although they are good friends of flook, it is important to remember that the huge and magnificent and information packed British Library is not the only fish in the sea or even the only interesting thing in Kings Cross. There’s a festival going on right now of which, the British Library is but a cog – a minor part – a venue if you will.

Lucky for you, it’s all here on flook. Take a look at Reveal Kings Cross. Reveal’s vision is:

… to make King’s Cross into London’s most vibrant and creative community, a place for living, working amd engaging with the energy that makes London one of the world’s most exhilarating cities.

What better way to do that that flook. Genius eh? The events they have in their program are super flookworthy – how else are you going to get into the Midland Grand Hotel that now forms the facade of St Pancras Station.

You’re not, that’s how. Just like everyone else these days – this internet lark seems to be catching on – Reveal have their own ultra funksome website. Oh yeah, since you ask (you did ask didn’t you?) The British Library also have a map of the whole thing:


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