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They say you can’t please all of the people all of the time. When we designed flook we made a concious decision that it would not look like any other app in the app store. We knew that this meant some people would not like flook. So be it, the rest of you love it all the more.

Step forward Mr Smith* of Birmingham who just sent us this mail out of the blue:

This is not intended to be negative but your Flook app on the iPhone is the most incoherent app I have ever experienced.

Your choice of language is incomprehensive and the location-aware content is almost non-existent.

How did you manage to get seedcorn funding for this?

What have I missed?

Mr. Smith


We’re all for customer service, user feedback and  being nice but getting insults out of the blue is never nice. Mr Smith didn’t like the reply.

Hi Ian,

The use of the phrase “This is not intended to be negative…” as an introduction to this mail is surely much more incomprehensible that flookspeak.


Apparently, that “confirms everything he was thinking”. Good job too I say.

* I changed his name to “Smith” to give him some anonymity sadly he actually is called Smith so it didn’t work.


One Comment

  1. Mr Smith runs a company that seems to offer design consultancy, maybe this was a hip uber-coll sales pitch.

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