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Recently flooker GxConnect flooked a good old british post box he had found. For you American flookers, thats what we Brits call a mailbox. It was a slightly odd post box, and the flook got spotted by Postal Heritage, (Royal Mail – yes they are on flook!). They confirmed the history, origin and of said post box. The world rested once again.

Flook – also good for finding out the history of a post box near you…



  1. Just read about the bView card thing.

    I currently enjoy just paging thru new pictures from around the world but if Flook is going to be showing me mostly advertising for a city half way around the world I will probably leave.

    The addition you seem to be missing most is being able to target specific parts of the world when looking for pictures.

  2. Phil,

    bView will only appear in cards near me not in cards worldwide. We’ll also make sure that bView – or any of the other content sources we add are not going to swamp the other cards – user cards or otherwise.

    P.S. a better way to leave us feedback like this is at uservoice

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