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Being beardy at the SXSW award ceremony.

The kind folks at SXSWi nominated us for an award at the South by SouthWest festival this year, which came with some free SXSW tickets, so we plodded down to Austin (via minneapolis, oh those cheap flights…) to make friends with everyone.

It was my first time at SXSW and it was a fantastic event. If you work in technology and you want want to meet the people who are doing great things right now, be sure to head to SXSW next year.

We met a lot of interesting people at SXSW, flook got a surprise mention from Chris Pendleton, the Bing Maps Technical Evangelist and chair of the panel “Augmenting Maps with Reality” during his round-up as his favourite app, (thank you Chris!) – check out his flook stream here.

On award night we got pipped at the post by Austin based GoWalla, but as we were kindly given free beer and some strange animal shaped sponges as a consolation, so we disappeared off into the night with smiles on our faces to go flook some of Austins great night life (and possibly drop some stickers at the Gowalla party).

Big thanks to all who organised SXSW, see you next year.


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  1. Well, I voted for you. 🙂 Good times!

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