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As you probably know, we like to keep flook moving along. The next release we’ve codenamed socializr as a kind of weak Web 2.0 joke. It’s still i nthe works but we like to keep you hungry for more. Socialzr is an apt name and the release will have some yummy tidbits in it. Not least is the ability to socialz yr crds as the kids might say*

Here’s what the share dialog you can get from any card currently looks like:

You get this from any card. So now in addition to tweeting your own cards, you can share someone else’s card to Twitter or Facebook. If you’re friends with one of us on Facebook you’ll have seen it in testing:

We also added OAuth to Twitter which sounds boring (and is) but it means that when you tweet your cards, they come from ‘flook’ rather than ‘API’.

If you were on the flook beta test and you would now like to help test Facebook and Twitter posting from within flook. Drop us a line and we’ll get you an early release.

*if thr kybrd ws mssng all vwls.


One Comment

  1. > if thr kybrd ws mssng all vwls

    except “i” and “a” it seems 🙂

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