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When we won the MEX UI award, one of the prizes was a ticket to the MEX conference. Well, Jane is such a clever stick, they asked her to present. Here’s what she’s going to talk about:

  1. What does serendipitous discovery mean, and how does it differ from task-based search? What are the different use cases, what are the interaction flows, and what are the implications for the UI? Are these two top-level use cases in competition with each other? How efficient are traditional task-based search applications on mobile anyway?
  2. How does the application learn the user’s content preferences? Is it necessary to explicitly ask the user, or are there other ways of discerning her likes and dislikes? Which is best? How does the social graph play into this, and what about the dangers of the empty room syndrome? What are the implications for the ‘engine’, whether that be on a server or in the mobile application?
  3. The difference between location-based content that is ‘broadcast’ (one user to any user) versus ‘personal’ (one user to friends) and managing the tension between these in a mobile application.
  4. What happens when we add commercial content to our applications? Can ads ever co-exist happily with user-generated content, and if so, how do we do it without relegating the ad to become a second-class citizen? Why receiving a text message from Starbucks as you walk past is the most ridiculous thing ever, and how to achieve a similar aim while delighting the user. ‘Facebook and the menopausal ad’ or ‘why a little ad relevance is a very dangerous thing’.
  5. Goals for the session

    Many of the metaphors we used for discovering new places, information and experiences in the mobile environment are relics of traditional methods. This talk explores how new techniques can transform mobile devices into the ideal platform for serendipitous discovery.

    More details at the MEX site.


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