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We have a lot of robots here at Flook Towers. Some of them are brand new modern robots with tiny electronic brains. Others date back from the very early days of the internet when computer power was measured in cog-miles and iPhones needed two strong men to lift them.

Still, @cpchannel loves these old robots and he tends them with love, care and special soothing oils. In return they produce wonderful things for us. Because they are so old, they can remember things that no living human saw. Luckily, BritishLibrary (snappy name, hope nobody has copyright on that) can hold a modern iPhone in his huge brass pincers and has been making the most fascinating flook cards. He also has a blog which you might be interested in and, he runs some sort of book-shop in his spare time. Take a look at these two views of Temple Bar in the grand duchy of Londonshire.


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