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We just wanted to let you all know that if one day you need the toilet, or loo as some of us call it, and became confused and bewildered as to where you might find, said toilet… Well now there is an app for that, and that application has a new user called PhantomPooper. In his own words:

We’ve had it happen to us. You’re miles from home and all of sudden you have to go, and not number one either. So I’d holding it is not an option don’t settle for a gas station or fast food place. Go to one of these semi-private deluxe poopers.

He even helpfully includes the pre-requisite door codes for private facilities:

When I was writing this blog post, one of my office companions pointed me to a Seinfeld episode – Apparently GPS led toiled procurement is a multi-million dollar industry.

Kramer: So what’s the big deal? You lost a couple of million.

George: It was more than a couple.

Seinfeld: It was more than a great idea. An iPhone application that leads you via your GPS to the nearest acceptable toilet wherever you are in the world.

George: The iToilet! And I thought of it.

Kramer: That was one killer app.

Seinfeld: Why did you have to give it all to that crook Madoff?

George (whining): I don’t know.


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