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Boston Dynamics replied following my sales enquiry:


We are out of stock right now.  Also, BigDog is not MAN-RATED right now, so you will need to place a custom order.  How much money do you have?

All the best,  Marc

That’s a shame – on two counts. I asked about both.

Hi Marc,

That’s a shame. But I’m glad that you’re selling a lot of BigDogs! We have about one million dollars – always hard to say without putting on that Austin Powers voice! Let me know how much BigBogs are and when they will be in stock. Obviously this is a big issue for us right now – we have users waiting for rides.

Sorry to hear that BigDog is not MAN-RATED (like the capitals!) I guess that means we’ll only be able to offer rides to our LADY users. Unfortunaltey this will also mean further investment in a side-saddle. Do Boston Dynamics have any partners who you can reccomend for a Donkey sized side saddle – I know of suppliers in Europe but not over here.




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