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Garden-gnome-bot has been feeling a bit blue. After all, it’s winter, he’s not been out for a while, and his crop of brussel sprouts was rather poor this year. Then, what did we do but rub salt in his wounds by banging on about sparkly new rockets and secret underground places.

But then, this morning, something cheered poor garden-gnome-bot immensely. Kisandie has been wandering around London flooking all its secret gardens. This is Christ Church Greyfriars Garden – according to Kisandie, the church was built in the 14C, but destroyed during the war. The ruins are now a public garden.

This is a secret that garden-gnome-bot is very pleased to know about. Postman’s Park is full of touching little memorials to people who made heroic acts of self-sacrific. As garden-gnome-bot does every time he bites his tongue when we get excited about rockets.


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