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Dear Sir,
I represent a software startup called Ambient Industries based in the UK and San Francisco. We have recently received venture funding to continue development of our iPhone app. To celebrate this, I plan to buy one of your excellent Big Dog mechanical donkeys and offer all of our users a ride on it (see blog posting here: $$) we have had a lot of interest in this offer so I am keen to purchase said donkey ASAP.
Please could you let me know if you have BigDogs in stock for immediate purchase and the approximate price so I can raise a purchase order.
I realise that shipping for a large item can be expensive. I wonder if it would be possible for us to collect our BigDog from your offices and ride it back to San Francisco – perhaps pulling a cart with my colleagues in it. I’m also assuming that my existing donkey saddle ( will work with BigDog – if not, please could you send details of your standard saddles.
P.S. Do you happen to know if BigDog meets the California emission regulations? If not, is it possible to gain an exemption based on the fact that it does not have any wheels? Otherwise, we might have to swim our BigDog back to the UK and offer the rides there.

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