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One year ago today, we initiated a competition to develop a logo for flook at 99 Designs.

Here’s the brief:

We’re making an iPhone app and a web site. We need a product logo to be used on both products, and an iPhone application launch icon (probably similar to the icon, at least in colour choices). This is a teaser project to find someone very clever and talented to work on the whole project with us – so bear the whole in mind when you work on the icon & logo!

Bonus points for anyone who drops in a quick png of how the website might look :-)*

The first three entries looked like this:

One thing the sharp-eyed might have noticed (and this blog is only read by very sharp-eyed people) is that flook wasn’t flook then, it was Groove. It hadn’t really been Groove for very long either. In January of last year, flook was called Graffitti. We abandoned that name because not even grammar-bot could spell grafitti reliably three times in a row.

You can see all of the entries on the competition page at 99 designs.

The winning entry was from Pete Borlace:

You can still see some elements of this design in the current flook logo. The strong colours and the glyphs – they migrated from the logo to the background though. In the end, we didn’t like the turquoise gradient – mainly because turquoise is even more difficult to spell than ‘graffiti’. We did use similar colours to one of Pete’s other entries:

Of course, soon afterwards, the still mewling Groove was murdered in the night by our lawyers because Microsoft told us that even though there were rumors that they we’re killing their location browser project, they were going to keep hold of

So, Pete’s real prize was six weeks in the logo mines building a new flook logo including all the best bits of the Groove logo but none of the letters. Those six weeks went on for a very very long time indeed:

There are 8 more pages like that.

I think what we ended up with is pretty special. The high level design goal was “not Web 2.0 blues and helvetica, not like anything else in the app store”.

* nobody fell for that blatant request for free work sadly.



  1. Interesting to see the way of progress. You did not say anything about “Flook” how you came from “Groove” to “Flook” (maybe that story was told already in an older post..?) I also love the factory style of making a card, so with these hammers and screws ;))

  2. No, groove to flook has not been told yet. To be honest, it was lotos of lists and arguments.

    Maybe I should post the list of rejections and reasons.

  3. Thanks to everyone who pointed out that the eyes are not in the actual flook logo.

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