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So the news broke that we now have pots of cash and that it’s easier to get cash in the UK for mobile than it is in the US.

What didn’t break is what we’re going to use the money for. Sure we’re going to hire more engineering and a marketing-droid but you know what we’re really spending the money on? Another Robot:

Once we’ve negotiated a price and taken delivery, EVERYONE who installed flook and made at least one card can have a ride.

On a more serious (and slightly more creepy) note, I’d like to thank Amadeus and Eden for having enough vision to see that the Mobile location based world doesn’t end at checkin. Naturally, they will get first ride on BigDog.



  1. According to the records i have made 295 flook cards, could you please have my 295 goes on BigDog. I think it scares me

  2. So creepy. So very creepy. But if you want to be really, really creepy you should get the Eden Ventures link right!

    I bagsy first go on the remote control. ok?



  3. James, the link is done. you couldn’t afford the .com either eh?

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