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We updated the Appstore text to be a little more ‘flooky’. And shorter.

Discover and share local secrets with flook, the location browser.

Discover the coolest local secrets – flook’s innovative user interface lets you swipe through a stream of nearby cards created by other users and an army of helpful robots. With flook you can browse the world as easily as you browse your photo library. Just flip a card to comment on it or find it on a map.

Share your favourite places – flook cards are quick to make. Just take a photo, add some text if you like, then upload. Our geo-bot automatically geotags your card, so that people nearby can find it. If you like, our tame tweet-droid will automatically send your discoveries to Twitter.

Compete with other people – getting a great score shows your skill and local knowledge. Our all-seeing score-bot only awards points when people collect your cards or follow you, so he rewards your creativity not your button mashing!

Flook works anywhere in the world but our busy little robots know most about the great cities of San Francisco, London and Henley-on-Thames.



  1. Not much of a “pome” though.

  2. plain verse.

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