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Who doesn’t like shops? shop-bot certainly does. He hates chains though. He remembers the day when electricity was tuppence-ha’penny a pint, cogs always had a prime number of teeth and the word “gentleman” didn’t refer to the contents of someone’s trousers.

Despite the fact that he can be a bit of a reactionary, flook high command agree with shop-bot, that’s why we made flook. Flook is all about variety, details and secret stuff. Stuff like independent shops that are being replaced by multi-national me-too clones. We’re not alone either. Emily Webber has been quietly documenting them through London shop fronts.

We sent shop-bot out to see Emily and they got on very well. London shop fronts are now on flook. Using the same automacical… magic that we used to create the ghost signs cards.

Why not follow London Shop Fronts so you can visit these great shops before they disappear for good.


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