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It’s difficult to see all the changes we’re making to flook unless you look under the covers. Dave our ‘server-guy’ is always tinkering to make things just that little bit better. He’s also the one who cleans up after flickr-bot and makes sure that Upcoming-bot doesn’t get carried away.

His latest addition to flook is a stroke of genius. He’s built a super-megascope-geo-synchronator to automatically make flook cards out of raw internets!

The first test subject is Ghost Signs. We chose them because they’re great guys who really understand flook but also because they are out collecting great content – just the type of stuff we want to see in flook. They also have a very high tolerance for pain and very good personal injury insurance.

The results are impressive. The UK is now dotted with flooks of ghost signs. From the ghostsigns site:

Ghostsigns are the typically faded remains of advertising that was once painted by hand onto the brickwork of buildings.  They can be found in cities, towns and villages across the country advertising many different products and services, some familiar, some less so.

We love this content and we love the longer term work the guys at Ghostsigns are doing preserving this important piece of our recent past. Hope you like it too.

You can find out more about the Ghostsigns project at . The History of Advertising Trust Ghostsigns Archive will be open for business on 19th March.

If you’re here as a ghostsign user and want to get flook, it is available from the lovely Apple App Store.


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  1. Thanks for the plug guys and glad you like the ghostsigns content. I’ll geotag some more when I have a chance to build up my card collection further.

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