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Even though we’re only a week into the competition proper we’re super excited about the quality of the entries we’ve had so far. So excited that we couldn’t keep them to ourselves! Don’t panic if you’ve not entered yet though – with three weeks to go the competition is still wide open. Oh, and if we’ve not showcased your cards, don’t panic – that doesn’t mean you’re not in the running either. We might be planning another post like this one 🙂

First up is solomonsmindfield who is making some excellent cards in and around London. One of our particular favourites is the card below, because it highlights a real local secret and because it’s from someone in the know – solomonsmindfield is a Bengali chef herself. There are millions of cafes and Indian restaurants in London but this is a real secret – a Bengali cafe recommended by a Bengali chef.

Next up is alaska based in… Alaska. Alaska’s cards are stunning not just because her location is so wonderful to discover, but also because she takes such care with her cards, which are  always beautiful little gems with wonderful photos.

Finally, a great flook from cyberfish1uk. cyberfish1uk gained (lawful!) access to the famous Blue Peter gardens and (of course) flooked it! This might confuse our foreign users – basically if you grew up in the UK and had a TV, you almost certainly watched Blue Peter. We’re just waiting for one of our American flookers to tell us where Sesame Street actually is.


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