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Here at Flook Towers, we’ve just discovered TweetJourney. It’s a great little site that plots your tweets in time order on a map – all you need to do is go to your settings page on Twitter and tick the little box to enable geotagging.

But the best bit is when you sign into Twitter on flook. We support the geotagging API, so that all your flooks are also geotagged. The cool thing about this is that you can now see how you travelled around the country flooking! My flook journey looks a bit like the image below. (Yes, it did take me 117 hours to travel 111 km. I travel by snail.)

Or should we say FlookJourney?



  1. A problem I have with enabling geotagging of tweets is that most of my Tweets are from home. I don’t mind people knowing where I’ve been while I’m on my travels but I’m uncomfortable revealing my home address to the world. Remembering to switch geotagging on and off each time is a hassle, so it stays off. Is there a solution to this? Automatically disabling geotagging for tweets in a specified area would solve it.

    • We plan to allow you to selectively tweet flooks but that won’t solve your larger problem. I’d suggest using a non-geo-enabled twitter client for your sage words and pithy musings then using flook for all the located goodness whilst you’re out and about. My personal view is that it’s not that hard to find someone’s address and the stories in the daily mail about burglars using facebook to tell when people are not at home is not actually very common at all – they’re more likely to follow you home and then sit outside.

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