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Jingle bells, la la la … It’s December. Time of coding and gift giving. To celebrate the Santa season we thought we would have a little flook competition.

For those that don’t like reading here is the one six line summary.

Mail the most awesome Christmas themed flook to by December 22nd – You can do that from within the flook iPhone app (details below). We pick a winner – you get some free flook stuff. Probably not a flook jet or flook R2D2 in gold bling (we would if we had the cash) but it will be better than the sweater your mother knitted you when you were 12, and we made it with our own greasy paws. Well, sort of.

Here be some tips; it’s obviously a Christmas competition so Christmas themed flooks are a big win. However, if you happen to be able to flook the entrance to the biggest secret nuclear bunker under the local grocery store, or inside London’s Big Ben, you could (perhaps) make it a Christmas themed flook by putting a Santa in there, or maybe a reindeer. We will probably still count it as long as you were actually there.

So there you have it, may the strangest, least known, (but legal) secret flook win. Go get em.

Tip: To mail a flook directly from the iPhone app – find the card, tap once to bring up the HUD, and then hit the email button. For this to work you will need to have an email account setup on your iPhone. Or if you prefer you can tweet it and send the Short URL, or just the URL of the card on the web.


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